Murdoch University Scholarships

Waste Stream Management has committed to investing in the future of the community through education by establishing the Waste Stream Management Scholarships Scheme. Watch our company video for more information on the scheme and how it is influencing people’s lives.

For further information on how to apply visit the Murdoch University website.


“If it wasn’t for this scholarship, quite honestly I would have dropped out of university because of financial struggles. It cost me $700 for one semester’s worth of books.”    
“I have the opportunity to support my health, with my arthritis. I know there is help there, I can afford the books and tuition fees, and that is not something I have to worry about.” 

Jessica Lynn, Murdoch University student and recipient of a Waste Stream Management scholarship.

“Waste Stream Management were very generous and wanted to make a commitment to young people in the Kwinana community.” 

“Murdoch University wants to encourage more people from Kwinana to think about and go to university. Their financial support was the catalyst for this relationship.” 

Professor Andrew Taggart, Pro Vice Chancellor Faculty Arts, Education and Creative Media, Murdoch University.